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Edgefit Solutions offers a cost effective solution for companies and individuals seeking the best in professional website design, Customized software development, networking solutions, Internet Provision Services and Students Projects – Masters, Degree & Diploma level. We create innovative web and software applications that enable our clients compete and win in their market places.
When developing your customized web solution, we consider all factors that will influence the success of your online marketing campaign i.e your industry, product type, target market, business type and customer preference.
At Edgefit Solutions, we recognise the importance of proper analysis, planning and strategy that is why we offer the most thorough project design phase possible.
For customized software development, we follow SSADM (Structured Systems Analysis & Design Method), an agile software development methodology that enable us to deliver a flexible and adaptive software development experience involving a large number of various iterations. In the development process, the customer can observe the result and understand whether it satisfies him or not after each iteration. This encourages our developers and engineers to experiment and look for new solutions, not limiting themselves to rigid frameworks and standards.
Our team performs Digital forensics recovery and analysis. Some of the systems include:- desktops, mobile phones, network systems, servers, storage devices and any other removable media device in various formats.
The goal of computer forensics is to perform a structured investigation while maintaining a documented chain of evidence to find out exactly what happened on a computing device and who was responsible for it.
  • VISION: +

    To be the most preferred ICT solutions provider in Kenya and beyond.
  • MISSION: +

    To offer our clients with the best in web-design, software development, Networking, computer support services and tailored ICT solutions to SMEs, Corporate and & institutions at affordable prices.

    • Professionalism • Integrity • Innovation • Teamwork • Continuous Improvement
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Why to use choose Edgefit Solutions

We are the best chosen ICT Solutions provider with vast experience in software development.

Easy to use systems

We develop systems that are easy to use by our customers.

Mobile friendly

We develop and design mobile friendly softwares. Very responsive websites for your business with good access across display devices.

Website Design

We design dynamic, interractive and responsive Websites that fit all display devices - may it be a desktop, laptop, Ipad, Tablet, smartphone etc.

Fast loading

We develop well optimized websites/systems for fast loadig to meet customers satisfaction.

Network & Server Configuration

We prepare the environment under which the application sit through Networking, serverinstallation & configuration and virtualization.

Dedicated support

Dedicated customer support is our top priority.

Our Process

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  • icon ICT Consultancy
  • icon Research Work

Software Development

We believe that there is no organization that is too small to overlook automating its operations.
To assist you achieve tangible value through automation, we offer customized and user-friendly software solutions using robust technologies. Our software development model is iterative and revolves around the customer’s requirements.
Edgefit Solutions takes part in the complete Software development process from requirement analysis phase to the deployment stage.

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Great Web Designs

A website being one of the lenses that the world sees your company must have a look and feel that attracts and retains visitors. In order to be a part of this global economy network, it is essential for organizations to have a web presence.
People, who browse the web, look at hundreds of websites and only an eye-catching look can make them want to stay on your website for a few more seconds.
After that only an easy navigation and well-organized content can encourage them to stay longer and to come back again and again. So we put emphasis not only on how a website looks, but also on how it works and how well it performs your business objectives.

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Consultancy Services

Edgefit Solutions has a wealth of experience in providing consultancy and advisory services to corporates and SMEs in Kenya and across Africa.
This consultancy practice broadly covers; Software development, Website development, Project Management, Business Process Re-Engineering and Training.

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Research Work

We conduct an in depth research work both academic and other organisational related research work. This involves internet content writing - websites content, technological content, business and any other research work.

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